Monday, July 7, 2008

I know it's an old issue. In fact, it's the first issue. I'm posting it in order to demonstrate how the new website will display the magazine. For best results, please click on the full-screen control in the top right of the viewer. Many of the pages contain URL's, so if you see something you like, click on it. - Korbin

Read this document on Scribd: OMG Magazine September 2006

Sunday, September 9, 2007

50 CENT LIVE @ Pontiac Garage

See the show live from ALL Seven Sims of Motorati Island in Second Life!

Reserved admission.

RSVP required.

Please IM Hosie Sheep for more info.

Monday, August 6, 2007

OMG Magazine's FormulaSL Team

Here's an update that is long overdue. OMG has added FormulaSL to it's racing portfolio. Motorato Ware moved easily from our MotoSL team and gained a new teamie, Silk Bamboo. Silk hails from another MotoSL team, the Red Wings, and her skill also translated to the new format. Currently our team has a firm grasp on second with our crosshairs on the leaders, Archer Racing. Check out for a complete list of team/driver standings as well as a full report on yesterday's race. MotoSL is just around the corner. FSL rocks but the bikes are sexy. :)

Moto is in the zone and ready to take her sponsors to the winning circle. Club Republik and Kitchen Korner make great co-sponsors. The best music and the best food make the best parties and we plan on having many to celebrate our victories. On the track, Moto is all business. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!

Silk prays to the Gods of Lag one last time before the gate counts down. Her car proudly displays her sponsor Multi Gadget. If you're wearing yours at your friendly neighborhood track and you see Silk's name pop up, get ready for one hell of a race. The best you can hope for is not getting lapped. - See you at the track, Korbin out!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The May issue is finally here!

Miss caLLie cLine went and got herself "Maxim"ized. Pickup our May issue in-world for a short article about the Motorati sweetheart, or check out the links to the right to see her spot in "Maxim's Hot 100" or Callie's blog for updates on her newest creations.


Monday, April 30, 2007

Urbane's DJ Festival was #^@%!&* awesome!

After the car show I headed over to the Urbane DJ Festival. Wow, what a party! I have never been to an SL party as intense as this one. I don't know if it was the bright colors combined with the great music, but it was hot. DJ Doubledown Tandino sent me the flyer and I'm glad that he did. As it turns out, my friends from Republik were also there (of course). I was only able to stay for Zenboy's show, then I crashed hard...but it was worth it.

The floor reminds me of the Loosen Up My Buttons video by the Pussycat Dolls. A must see video by the way...unless yer hatin' on the dolls like my wife and call them the American Spice Girls. Ok...maybe they are...but who cares, they're hot.

^ Her name tag displayed: Hot Lesbian Raver Healer Ladybird. 'Nuf said.^

The beautiful Sable Sunset sweating to the beat.

...and of course wherever you find Sable you find the equally luscious Lina Pussycat.

Long live Republik!

Zenboy putting on his usual fantabulous show. His crew really knows how to move the floor.

If you missed the show, let me know and I can send you the flyer so you will have a list of the DJ's and OMG will also keep you posted on future shows by these great DJ's. - Korbin

APC's Car Show on Pontiac's Motorati Island

I tried to win the bid on both the Stang and the Solstice but I got sniped on both. Oh well, my "garage" is already overflowing as it is. All the proceeds from the auction went to Relay for Life and we all had a great time. My favorite cars on display were the '68 Pontiac Firebirds. I may have to beg Suku to sell me one. Here are a few pics from the show:

Raver was in hot company with his sweet Miura and the even sweeter Baby.

Veyron was nice enough to change to match the Firebird. "She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny...", ok, ok...I won't sing.

Veyron Supercharge says that there's a car somewhere in this pic if you look really closely.
I haven't found it yet.

The green Mustang was just as hot as it's hostess. Ok...maybe not, but they do go well together.

The Mustang that was up for auction

The Pontiac Solstice that was up for auction
We hope to see y'all at the next show...especially the ladies. - Korbin